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FLASHAAR has been designing and producing modular LED systems based on Plug & Play technology for over 12 years.

Flashaar is aiming for growth that respects environmental and climate protection measures. Flashaar's energy-efficient luminaires replace old energy-guzzling systems, greatly reducing CO2 emissions, which are harmful to the climate. In addition, it favours short circuits with its suppliers and uses only recyclable materials that are free from pollutants. Research and development, production and distribution work in close collaboration under its roof.

Innovative profiles and energy-saving lighting solutions not only provide functional lighting, they also enhance the historic or modern character of buildings and highlight their unusual design. Lighting designers and architects, hotel designers and yacht builders all rely on their quality products ‘Made in Germany’. In fact, we've been working with many of them for years. Partnerships have led to numerous projects throughout Germany and internationally.

A great deal of flexibility when it comes to lighting design, an uncluttered look and a design that blends effortlessly into the most diverse architectural environments, a focus on the best possible result and solutions that respond perfectly to constantly changing requirements: that's the FLASHAAR® guarantee. You can take our word for it.

FLASHAAR® - LED light lines over 100 m long with the NauticProfil® Plug&Play mounting principle