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SWENGERs - Lighting specialist

With almost 20 years' experience in projects and consultancy in the complex field of lighting, SWENGERs LLC was created to provide the luminaires and lighting adapted to the requirements of your premises.
We offer luminaires and accessories throughout Western Switzerland with technical support, to ensure a customized and thoughtful use for high-quality lighting.
'A high-quality luminaire is a luminaire that you forget.'
We aim to provide intelligent and durable lighting solutions for the issues presented by our clients, the planners and builders, including control of light, longer lifespan, reduced maintenance, and energy savings.
The luminaires are manufactured for a specific purpose:
Anti-vandalism, food industry, explosion-prone areas (Atex), water treatment, car parks, railway stations and airport terminals,
Rental properties, sewage treatment plants, prisons, apartments, public areas, cold rooms, ovens, high temperatures (200°C), low temperatures (-60°C), etc.
'Thoughtful lighting for a successful atmosphere'
The quality of the devices is important, but the light is equally important.
The luminance, the amount, the color, the quality of the LEDs, the photobiological safety, the UGR,
and the efficiency must be considered when selecting.
Creating a pleasant atmosphere with the right light is crucial for the success of your project."

Our employees' experience

Port-Plage GE, La Nouvelle Comédie, UNIL, Syngenta Monthey, Clinique La Prairie, CEVA Genève, divers Pénitenciers, Collège d'Echallens, ECAB Hauterive, Eclairage de la Plaine de Plainpalais, Golf de Cologny, Rue principale de Payerne, Aéroport de Sion, Parlement Vaudois, Chocolaterie David, Eglise de Savièse, Chapelle du Scex, Port de Faou, Bureaux Axianet, Eglise du Bourg à Martigny, Showroom Eskal, Le Caveau Orsat, Les Celliers de Sion, Boulangerie et tearoom Taillens, Aire de repos les îles, Usine Roland, Trapgame à Charrat, Charpenteplus à Charrat, Carosserie Grand, Migros Avry-sur-Matran, Vibro-Meter, Ecole de Montani, Centre commercial de Vesenaz,.. et encore bien d’autres…



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Route du Rhône 4
1906 Charrat 

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1730 Ecuvillens

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